V.K Giri: The perfect scorer in CAT exams

V.K Giri The perfect scorer in CAT exams

A perfect score! That is every Indian’s dream. Right from the early ages we are told to get a perfect 100 in math and science and all important subjects. During 10th and twelfth it is even more important to get a perfect score. However one exam where one good not get a perfect 100 is the CAT exams. The Common Admission test or CAT as it is usually referred to as the exams conducted by Indian Institute of Management to select students into the business administration program.

It is perhaps the most competitive exam in the country and lakhs and thousands of people appear for it every year.  The top marks are usually 99.99 and has never been a perfect hundred, until now that is. V.K Giri has scored a perfect score of 100 in the CAT exams this year. It is not just that he has been writing this exam to score a perfect hundred for a couple of years now. He managed to score 99.93 last year in 2014 but this year he has done the unbelievable. He says he had a feeling he would manage to score perfect score this attempt. He is an electrical engineer who took an unusual choice after completing his class X. He did his diploma in electrical engineering from a polytechnic in Bhopal without continuing to go to class XII like most students after which he did his engineering graduation program in electrical engineering, from the state government’s Samrat Ashok Technological Institute (SATI), Vidisha.

He is currently coaching in mathematics and data interpretation at a coaching institute. He did not attend the MBA interviews or the group discussion for IIM’S in the previous years. However now he plans to attend and join MBA if he gets into a good college.

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