V. Mani Tries to Give Children Of Prisoners, A Life of Dignity


Every child has the right to be loved and respected. They have the right to find acceptance of who they are. The childhood of each child should out shine with equal opportunities, irrespective of their backgrounds. The families of prisoners are important class in society and the fact is that these children are most in need of good assistance.

There are children from over 300 families of life-term convicts, who have got rays of hope from V. Mani, the Assistant Manager at the Reserve Bank of India.

He used to pass by the Central Jail in Bengaluru everyday, where he used to watch relatives and children with tears in their eyes, waiting outside the jail to see their loved ones. He realized the children waiting outside the jail deserves a much better life. He came up with an initiative that helped children’s survival much easier. He tried to spread the awareness that children of prisoners are not burden in the society.


The NGO ‘SoCare’ came into action and began visiting the prisoners and their families. The children are counselled to build their secured future. They are not treated as children of murderers, rapists, robbers and pickpockets, rather the each child is seen as a young talent with unique mind. This initiative tries to restore their innocence and helps them to build self-confidence and hope. There are nearly 200 children associated with ‘SoCare’ now.

After 10th standard, children are also provided with vocational trainings and are motivated to take part in extra circular activities like singing, dancing, sports and craft. The selfless efforts of V. Mani towards the noble cause has given right direction to the deprived children. Two boys of the NGO have participated in National level Taekwondo competitions. Basic education is giving the children, a life of dignity.


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