Vaahika: A new transforming entrant in transportation industry

Vaahika A new transforming entrant in transportation industry-1

The Indian transport industry is growing leaps and bounds in the past decade. The entire industry has been valued over 130 billion dollars. Though, the growth of this sector has been tremendous yet the style of working and operations are still old fashioned. The problems have been faced since past many years and with no intentions to finding solutions.

Vaahika was formed by two eminent professionals – one from IIT and other from IIM Shillong. They launched an online platform to act as a communication means between the manufacturers and the transporters. They started off only 5 months ago and now have been able to build a strong team of 11 members. Both the partners have the strong business exposure as they both come from families who are into transportation businesses since three decades.

So, they have grown up witnessing the problems faced by logistics and transportation sector in India. This gives them a strong back up support to handle things currently. This is their USP which most others are lacking. In such short span of time both these entrepreneurs have been able to establish themselves really well. They have 15 trucks running with on roads to transport things with in Rajesthan. They have plenty of clients active online who have to deal with SME and MSME space.

Vaahika A new transforming entrant in transportation industry-1

Vaahika’s aim is to develop and bring entire transportation industry online like retail sector. They aim to take bookings through an App which seems to be difficult but could be achieved going forward. They wish to provide the customers with the availability of transport vehicles with details in advance and the competitive prices and terms and conditions of competitors online. Basically, Vaahika wants to turn this industry into technology driven online platform to make it more organized and planned.


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