Vanvaas- a Short Film with a lovely message at its heart

Vanvaas- a Short Film with a lovely message at its heart

The relationship between a short-tempered father, an equally hot-tempered son and a mother caught between the crossfire has been wonderfully depicted in this short film titled “Vanvaas”. This film was selected for as India’s official entry at Indian International Film Festival Toronto, 2015 and DFW South Asian Film Festival 2016.

The film begins with the father blasting his son for faring badly at exams and the son retaliates by telling he doesn’t want to take up a job like him which never was enough to give anything to the family. The mother tries to patch up things between them but is unsuccessful. The boy decides to start a catering business of his own and does quite well for himself.

During an India-Pakistan match, the father who is listening to the cricket commentary on TV as the picture is always off and the son come together for the final over of the match. The tense win by India is enough for them to hug each other and make up as the smiling mother watches on.

Vanvaas is a touching short film and manages to rouse emotions within the viewer through some effective acting and excellent direction by Sandeep Modi.

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