Venkata Satya Sri Rohan Chikkam: Rare achievement of an Indian origin boy

Venkata Satya Sri Rohan Chikkam Rare achievement of an Indian origin boy

The news that an Indian origin boy joining the high level IQ  Mensa club after making 161 out of 162 has been the subject of discussion all over. What this boy Rohan alias Venkata Satya Sri Rohan Chikkam of just 13 years of age had achieved is phenomenal. It must be noted that Mensa club is the largest IQ society ever and the oldest also. This Mensa was first established in the year 1946 and is a non-profit organization. Its headquarters is in England. That Rohan was highly talented was known ever since he was small when he was at the primary school.

His talent was known when he solved puzzles at nonchalant ease. Even in 2014 Rohan’s exceptional talent was showcased when he won the gold certificate at UK Mathematical Challenge. It must be noted that his dad Vishnu Chikkam is employed in United Kingdom as a software engineer. The family settled in UK is hoping that Rohan will go places with his talent and skills.

Apart from his interests in Maths and Physics Rohan is learning guitar, German language and his interest in technology has been amazing. It must be noted that recently he developed a mobile apps called ‘’Pong Retroscape’’. Rohan had previously cleared ‘’Cattell 3B Paper’’ and ‘’Culture Fair Scale’’ and becoming United Kingdom’s top 1% of brightest talent. It must be noted that any person whose IQ is in the top 2% of the population can get into this prestigious Mensa. The entire IQ calculation is measured by well recognized IQ testing process. Rohan way to go!!

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