Vidyadanam Scheme a boon to Telangana jail inmates !


Telangana jail is turning into a mini school or aptly put temple of learning.The jail inmates are getting a chance to reform themselves .Yes they are getting a chance to read and write and learn and become good citizens.In this new scheme launched by the government, called as “Vidyadanam Scheme” more than 17,000 prisoners are being educated in the jail.

The programme is about motivating and encouraging educated prisoners to help train their fellow illiterate prisoners in learning and making them better individuals.

This literacy scheme has seen worthwhile results.The reports mention that out of 32,143 illiterate prisoners, 28,526 turned literates in 2015 and out of 16,950 illiterate prisoners, 15,778 turned literates in 2016.It works on a three-month semester with monthly test and comes with mandatory classes for prisoners. No absenteeism are entertained unless they’re sick. Everyone is given weekly tests and assignments to complete.

The Director-General of Prisons and Correctional Services,VK Singh is happy and mentions that this programme has drastically helped in reducing prison deaths and keeps them motivated too.The bitterness and discontent mood is changing due to this.

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