Vim’s second ad track on women empowerment-Bayiravi’ – An Inspiring Story of a Mother who also is an successful Entrepreneur!


Vim India Created in1885, has its brand still innovating.It recently released an empowering campaign on women’s liberation and freedom of expression called Change begins at home.

The ad track portrays how small change at home can make huge difference in women’s life.Women in India even today is confined to home, rearing and raising children,managing house ,doing chores at home.If she is given freedom , she can create wonders.Women give up on thier dreams as they are totally busy with their homes.

Their first ad track was released on Independence Day, where they showcased the story of Afroz and her journey towards freedom and change. Afroz, with her family support became a hero for her village and an inspiration for many. Her liberation at home empowered her to bring about an extraordinary change in her life, thus creating a better future for her.

This second one called Bayiravi’ – An Inspiring Story of a busy Mother & an Entrepreneur .She mentions how when her child was born she had to provide him her total 24/7 time in bringing it up.She also mentions how in her mind she wanted to do something different.Managing her child and her household chores she came up with the idea.Then KOL KOL was born ,the baby carrier which is a successful business now !Kol Kol was her kids first words.Multi tasking and being herself she was successful in managing both her dreams and her home !

Way to go ! Hats off to your efforts !

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