Vinaya Manchaiah- This associate professor from Texas is now named as the future leader in audiology and is simply outstanding


The recent news that an Indian-American associate professor Vinaya Manchiah has been named as the’’ Future Leader in Audiology’’ has been spoken in high esteem by many.

This professor from South India is working in the prestigious Lamar University in Texas, USA and has caught the attention of many as he was named in the 2016 class of ’’Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology’’ and this title was given by the American Academy of Audiology.

The superb piece of news now is this Vinaya Manchaiah is one amongst dozen individuals who were selected and he is superb. He has done research in hearing disability from the renowned Linkoping University of Sweden. It is now clear that apart from his PhD degree he has other degrees such as MBA from UK, Doctor of Audiology from nova South-eastern University plus MS in audiology from University of Southampton not to forget the bachelor’s degree in science in Speech and Hearing from the prestigious Mysore University.

It is important to note that Vinaya Manchaiah was also president of non profit and non-governmental organization Audiology India from 2011 to 2015 and made many notable contributions in the field of hearing health care. As a co-founder and director of strategic planning of this Audiology India Vinaya Manchaiah was superb. Superb Vinaya Manchaiah!!

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