Vishnudas Chapke- He is travelling around the world by simple ways and is inspiring

Vishnudas Chapke- He is travelling around the world by simple ways and is inspiring
Pic: Facebook

Some people have great desire to travel around the world. But what one person named Vishnudas is doing would surprise you totally. It must be noted that he had quit his job as a journalist in newspaper and is now travelling around the world in very simple manner and the surprising news about his he has shoe-string budget that is sufficient only for the paperwork and other procedures that are needed at the international travel.

It is good to note that he started his journey from Mumbai on 19th of March. He is from family of farmers and comes from the place called Marathwada. It is well known that this place is affected by severe drought and had resulted in many issues to the farmers there. This journey is to show others that travelling around the world at shoe-string budget is possible if one is determined enough. One piece of information that would surprise and shock many of us is this Vishnudas in his journey sleeps in temples and railway stations unlike the luxurious hotels that are preferred by others travelling around the world.

It is now confirmed that he had crossed 10,000 kms and had traveled through India, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand etc and met many people on his travel trip. It is sure that Vishnudas journey would inspire many more now. Some pictures of him sleeping in the stations would certainly surprise us. Now the latest news is his next destination would be to Australia. Superb Vishnudas Chapke!!

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