Vivek Oberoi announces five lakhs affordable homes under his new venture


Vivek Oberoi recently has been embarked upon his new venture, ‘Karmm Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. The company had announced five lakhs affordable homes. The actor as much is known for his films is also known well for his philanthropic acts.

‘Karmm Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., the company has come up with a new project under the programme ‘Mission 360’ to built affordable housing projects in Shahapur (Maharashtra) area. Vivek Oberoi’s ‘Karmm Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., under the project has been scheduling for more than 15,000 families to provide with housing at a cost of 7,90,000 and in the coming five years, the company also has the expansion plans with a target of 5,00,000 apartments.

‘Karrm’s affordable housing projects provided enhanced lifestyle solutions for better living standards, with the idea of improving the living conditions of the poor and underprivileged, Vivek Oberoi said on the aforementioned affordable scheme .

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