Watch ‘Linc Touch’ Ad Video and see what we are forgetting to use

Inspiring Linc Touch pen ad

Technology is taking over everything. Physical alarms, watches, torches, calculators, letters, telegrams, physical greeting cards are almost phased out from homes & our life too. There are few other things which are on the verge of getting phased out from homes or our personal life including pens.

In earlier days people were not able to use pens as they were uneducated. Now we have more educated world but they are all busy typing on computers or phones. In this technological world are we going to forget writing soon? As per some reports published across various websites, writing is one thing which will disappear in coming years.

We hope writing stays because it has emotional connect. What inspiration we can get from written words can’t get from printed or typed fonts. Watch this video and see. Do comment post watching.


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