Watch out on 14th October for new Bollywood release ‘Gandhigiri ‘


Gandhigiri is the latest Bollywood movie slated to release in the month of October.Releasing in the birthday month of Gandhi it showcases a very strong message about how India has forgotten the Father of the nation and his core values.The film directed by Sanoj Kumar Mishra has been shot in Lucknow.

The teaser video is released on the social media which features the voice of Sanjay Mishra and Om Puri who plays the lead role.Gandhigiri also stars Mukesh Tiwari, Anupam Shyam, Meghna Haldar, Rishi Bhutani, Dolly Chawla in key roles.The movie is produced by Pratap Singh Yadav’s Aagaman Films.

Om Puri plays the lead role of NRI Rai Saheb in the film who follows the principles of Gandhi.The story shows how he tries to correct people who have gone on wrong paths due to life circumstances using the values given by Gandhi.The movie portrays the values in a very humorous and entertaining way in today’s modern time.It also provides the message that people are not bad at birth and how surroundings and life challenges make them take wrong path.

The movie quotes that trying to adapt Gandhi’s principle actually helps in leading a peaceful life.

Look forward to the movie!

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