We should value things around us: Inspirational Pen Story of JRD Tata

We should value things around us Inspirational Pen Story of JRD Tata

J. R. D. Tata we all know as a great Indian businessman ever. When we talk about business in India, no discussion can complete if we don’t refer his name for the business ethics and business procedures. There are many stories which you will hear about this great man which will inspire you a lot. Here we are sharing one incident about J. R. D. Tata which is viral all over the incident. This is story about a pen which inspires us to learn value of anything which we hold.

There was a friend of J. R. D. Tata who used to misplace his pen too often. He was fed up with his habit and wanted to get rid of it. Even after many attempts he still continued with the same habit. Because of this he always used low cost pens.

One day he discussed this problem with great J. R. D. Tata. Initially, Mr. Tata smiled but later he gave him a very valuable advice. He advised his friend to buy costliest pen made of gold or studded with diamonds. His friend was little upset with the suggestion but he followed what Mr. Tata advised him.

After many months, both of them met again. Remembering the old incident Mr. Tata asked his friend if he is still suffering because of the old habit he wanted to get rid of.

His friend this time smiled and thanked Mr. Tata. He said since then he has bought this costliest pen, he has never forgotten it anywhere. He has now understood the value of everything and the human mind.

This story teaches us a great lesson. Sometime we become careless about those things which are of least priority or with low value. Life is about being sensitive about each and everything we deal with. We should value people and machines working in our company. We can’t be ignorant about them.

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