WeDoSky takes over the Sky to provide us with aerial data


It is well to think in a different manner, execute the idea and become a winner. That’s what happened with WeDoSky startup, where a group of engineers and drone enthusiasts came together to form an intelligent & autonomous data capture solution to enable organizations to make data – driven decisions. WeDoSky was started by Jaspreet Singh Makkar in 2014.

In the fast growing world, businesses get slow down when the company requires to put extra time towards collecting data. WeDoSky understood the difficulty of the companies and they wanted to solve the problem. They wanted the organizations to sit comfortably in their seats in the office or at home and experience their sites even better, better than they can by being physically present there.

To solve these complications, they had built an intelligent and autonomous data capture solution to enable organizations to make data – driven decisions. Thus, they help the organizations to focus just on taking their daily decisions while WeDoSky look after providing them with perfect aerial data to them.

WeDoSky gives 360-degree views and aerial tours for the Real Estate sector. They also supply information to the mining sector. They produce 3D Models, Virtual Realities and provide them with updated versions of with hotspots (of changes) for the mining sector. Such information are needed for mine owners and engineers to have an improved outlook at things during planning, R&D and reclamation.

The major USP used by WeDoSky is the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS’s) to survey and monitor sites which gives them critical data crucial to organizations as well as a visual representation to understand them better. The processes used by them are 3x-30x (depending on the market vertical) faster than conventional methods of surveying. It is also much cheaper and safer than methods like LiDar which require human presence and availability of vehicles like helicopters.

With all such facilities available in startup WeDoSky, it is being named as one of the best survey organizations in the country.

WeDoSky: website

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