Wendy Ann Mitchell – This woman has shown great courage and determination to fight breast cancer and is inspiring many now

Pic: patch.com

Breast cancer is a one type of cancer that is affecting many women these days. It is known that the month of October is usually referred as breast cancer awareness month. Wendy Ann Mitchell shared her thoughts about her painful past life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It must be noted that she and her three kids were living in Surburbia,USA and her life was very busy. It was on February 4th in 2015 on the World Cancer Day her life was thrown upside down after she was told by the doctors that she had stage One Triple Negative Metaplastic Carcinoma.

It is now confirmed that after many surgeries plus biopsies plus Lymph Node removal she is now free from cancer. It was during her hair dyeing she found a lump and was shocked. It was on 17th February 2015 she underwent lumpectomy so that her tumor would be removed totally. At this juncture she was taken aback after the pathology reports said she had cancer and Triple negative form that is very rare.

Wendy Ann Mitchell also spoke about how her 16 long weeks of chemotheraphy was so painful. She also said Taxol treatment was also given to her and it was very difficult for her bones. Then later she was diagnosed with another lump and she had to undergo another surgery plus endless radiation treatments etc that were tough. Now she is out of the danger and proudly speaks about her battle with cancer and is inspiring many with her determination and courage. Hats off Wendy Ann Mitchell!!

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