What advise Bappi Lahiri’s father gave him when he decided to quit studies while in 10th Class

Pic: hamaraforums.com / commons.wikimedia.org

Bappi da is famous for his music and fondness of jewellery. Wearing ornaments and dark glasses with a tracksuit is his trademark.

Bappi Lahiri’s parents Aparesh and Bansari Lahiri were also very famous singers from Kolkata. Bappi da started taking interest in music and singing at a very early age as he had that kind of environment at his home due to his parent’s profession of singling and music.

When Bappi da was 3-4 years old he started playing the table and some of the other musical instruments. At a very early age he played at a show in Eden Garden in presence of Lata Mangeshkar.

At the age of just 10-11 years, Bappi da started composing and his father sung his first composition. When he was in class 10th, he completed his first music composition for a Bengali movie Daadu.

At that time Bappi Lahiri was quite clear to make his career in music and singing only. He was not finding much fun in studies. One day he decided to quit studies and told this to his father. He wanted to give all his time to learning musical instruments.

After listening to Bappi Da, his father gave him a great advice:

“He advised Bappi da to complete his studies along with learning music and once he is able to complete studies then he could give his 100% time to music.”

Due to his dedication and interest in music, Bappi da is a successful name in Indian music.

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