What Ego is all about? Learn it through Inspiring Quotes on Ego

What Ego is all about Learn it through Inspiring Quotes on Ego
Pic: powerofpositivity.com

Ego is like a silent killer. It kills you deep within. Only you can save yourself from ego.

Success if not handled properly can bring a lot of ego with it. Make sure you win over ego not the other way round.

Ego becomes horrible when individual ego turns to group ego. It’s not easy to satisfy ego of many people.

One should not try to please someone’s ego. Satisfying or compromising for someone’s ego could lead to disastrous results.

Someone rightly said “People confuse ego, lust, insecurity with true love.”

Ego is sensitive. It should be handled with utmost care. Sense of humor is best way to kill ego.

Ego if not handled timely could grow like a tree. A tree becomes helpful but not ego.