What Successful People Doesn’t Do – What They Follow to Succeed

What Successful People Doesnot do (PP)

1) Selfishness – Whatever they plan they plan for all not just for themselves.

2) Greed – They are hungry for success in a positive sense but not greedy.

3) Short Term – They always look for long term no matter what the conditions are.

4) Short Cuts – They are not afraid of the journey if the potential result will be fruitful.

5) Confusion – They are always clear with what they have to do.

6) Unfocused – They are always focused. They remember the goal with deadline.

7) Panic – In worst conditions they remain cool and take best decisions.

8) Fantasy – They see the dreams with open eyes and work for them.

9) Moody – Whether success or defeat they behave in same manner.

10) Unemotional – They are kind by heart but doesn’t flow with emotions.


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