What World Leaders Have Said Over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Recent US Visit

What World Leaders Have Said Over Prime Minister Narendra Modis Recent US Visit

PM Modi’s Energy Has Created Huge Expectations.

– Bill Gates, Microsoft

We have a unique tie with India. Our founder Steve Jobs went to India for inspiration.

– Tim Cook, Apple

Great honor to welcome @narendramodi to Google today and support his plans for #DigitalIndia.

– Sundar Pichai, Google

I changed my profile picture to support Digital India, the Indian government’s effort to connect rural communities to the internet and give people access to more services online.

–  Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

We share the prime minister’s vision.

– Sundar Pichai, Google

The government has already undertaken a massive amount of reforms. The key message from the US companies was keep doing what you are doing. I had a great meeting, there was a constructive dialogue in the spirit of collaboration. We are looking at India trying to get foreign direct investment.

– JP Morgan CEO James Dimon said.

Microsoft would be operating cloud systems out of India by next week. company will take lost-cost broadband technology to some five lakh villages across the country. 

– Satya Nadella, Microsoft

Great hour with Indian PM Modi. Best leader with best policies since independence, but massive task to achieve in most complex nation.

– Rupert Murdoch

We all have concerns about the speed. We want to see more action more quickly but directionally the investments in infrastructure, the energy, vision for the future, bringing the country together, goods and services tax reform, are all extremely positive,” said

– Mark Weinberger, CEO of Ernst and Young.

Felt the Prime Minister was open to the suggestions the CEOs put before him to improve access to the country.

–  Stephen A Schwarzman, Black Stone

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