Why one should never ask a girl her age: Nice Goldilocks from Godrej TV Ad

Why one should never ask a girl her age Nice Goldilocks from Godrej TV Ad

Godrej Security Solutions has created a fabulous ad that takes a dig at the concept of women hiding their age. We often seen women refusing to disclose their real age and find out numerous ways to avoid the situation. The ad shows how this woman who is from the high society and how she squeezes out of many tricky situations by providing a number of excuses. It has a brilliant underlying concept and is well-executed too.

This posh, high society woman admonishes a man at a party for asking her age, lies at the bank and to her doctor too. At the gym, she mentions only her birthday conveniently missing out on the year. The best part is when a friend comments about some “Sheena” not looking like a 23 years old. Our lady then comments that Sheena isn’t lying, as she was three years senior to her in college.

The last frame shows us the product, Goldilocks, the locker from Godrej Security Solutions that holds her passport which has her real birth date. The idea of keeping a woman’s age secret and using a locker to hold it is extremely inventive and new to the viewer. The entire TVC has a classy look to it which was so essential to project the quality of the product and has an extremely convincing lead actor. A funny and entertaining ad that effectively brings across the effectiveness of the product, Goldilocks from Godrej Security Solutions.

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