Will Nikita be our next gen writer?


Nikita Singh at a young age of 23 already has seven books published and yet she believes she is too naïve to decide whether she will take up writing as a permanent career!!

Nikita Singh who is just 23 years old published her seventh book “Right here Right Now, in Chennai amongst would-be writers. Whilst the event and Nikita Singh’s late entry allowed her admirers to duologue. “She understands relationships and writes so beautifully about them.

Even her English is easy to get to and not highbrow,” said one of her ardent fan. This event took place at the Starmark book store with a notable turnout proving that Nikita Singh is already set to be the next “Shobha De”. When asked, Nikita said, “I am still not sure whether I am going to take up writing as my full-time career.”
While Sandhya Sridhar, founder and director of Pageturn Publishers interviewed her on various topics from her published books to why she writes on relationships etc., she answered all of her questions patiently, like any other 23 year old girl. She even declared her love for Ranveer Singh in one of her rapid fire questions. She is somebody with fire in her belly, has her views on life & relationships and loves getting an eyeful of handsome chic men.

Nikita’s stories are all about youth, people residing in the northern parts of India, their issues and relationships. These stories may not be popular with the cerebral influential group or even with those who hate her writing, nonetheless her facebook page already has about 120,000 likes. Talking about her critics she says, “I am nonchalant about those critics who, even without reading my stories, trash my work. However, I am open to criticism, if it’s coming from the right source and if it’s worth it.”

Adding further, Nikita said, “I was criticized for my sex scenes in Accidentally in Love which was based on a model’s life. Few of them liked it but some were taken aback – they couldn’t believe that a 19 year old could write something like this. These things have never influenced my writing. Like my new book Right Here Right now is about a girl who one day opens her eyes in a hospital and hasn’t a clue about who she is. This is one is new to me. I am also writing about teens now-a-days.”

Talking about her looks getting more appreciation than her books, “It doesn’t bother me. Somewhere I feel it works in my favor. Moreover, I am not an actor and cannot use my looks to advertise my books. One thing is for sure, books sell on content period!! It’s all about connecting with your readers and if you can, you are a hit. I have been using social platforms to bond with my fan base, that’s where I get my real critics.”

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