Will Raveena Tandon ever join Politics? Here are her views about joining Politics 15 years back

Pic: article.wn.com

At the time of 2016 Bihar state elections when “Award Wapsi Drama” took place, actress Raveena Tandon took stand against it and participated in various TV news debates to criticize and put her views on the entire controversy.

While our research we found an old interview of the actress to a website. This interview was given by Raveena in the year 2004. At that time she was asked this question as whether she intends to join politics or not. The responses which the beautiful and intelligent actress gave long back are relevant even till today. Her views on joining politics at that time were:

One needs knowledge to join politics. She can join politics only when she has sufficient knowledge about it.

She believed that one need some experience in politics.

Politics is about doing something for the society not just to get fame or popularity.

Politics need time to devote. One needs to have sufficient time available.

For her it’s not necessary to join politics to do social work. She will continue doing social work even without joining politics.

We believe that Raveena has guts to speak and raise her voice for women issues in the society. She should definitely join politics.

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