World Elders Day Quotes: Re-Pay Your Debt To Elders

Quotes World Elders Day

Elders are teachers

In Western Civilization, our elders are books. – Gary Snyder

Quotes: World Elders

Music too changed with time

The music business can be very cold. And it doesn’t honor its elders. – Brenda Lee

Quotes: World Elders

They are not burden

Make Sure They Don’t Feel They Are Burden – Author Unknown

Quotes World Elders

Listen to elders, they have lot to say

Coming from an Asian culture, I was always taught to respect my elders, to be a better listener than a talker. – Lisa Ling

Quotes World Elders

Elders are not only the ones who give you birth

As a child, I was raised by native Hawaiian elders – three old women who took care of me while my parents worked. – Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey

Quotes World Elders

t’s time to pay back

Re-Pay Your Debt To Elders – Author Unknown

Quotes World Elders

God as elder

I was the youngest of nine siblings… I lost my father when I was just 13. For me, the elders have been my gods. – Tina Ambani

Quotes World Elders

Elders are our strength

Being kind to elders is not a sign of weakness. –  Shun Elder Abuse

Quotes World Elders

Helping elders is a good tradition

Our tradition is respecting elders. Continue this tradition.  – Author Unknown

Quotes World Elders


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