Would you believe- This Rajeev Motwani had got connections with the famous Google

Would you believe- This Rajeev Motwani had got connections with the famous Google
Pic: theory.stanford.edu

The news that Rajeev Motwani from Jammu and Kashmir has got some connections with the famous Google has surprised many. Rajeev born in the year 1962 in J&K and did his schooling in the St Columbia School of New Delhi because his dad was working for Army and he travelled a lot. In the year 1983 he graduated from the prestigious IIT Kanpur and completed Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. It is now clear that in the year 1988 he completed his doctorate in Computer science from the renowned University of Berkeley.

It must be noted that after that Rajeev joined the famous Stanford University and Rajeev created huge impression with his superb interests in technology. It is said that he did many research in topics such as web search, data privacy apart from robotics and design of computers etc.

The interesting piece of information is this 47 year old Rajeev Motwani once mentored Google founders like Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they did research studies at the Stanford University.

It must be noted that Rajeev also taught Google’s first employee named Craig Silverstein. It is amazing to note that he had invested in many firms such as Google, Momosa systems, NeoPath Network etc.

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