Wow!! A multi cuisine restaurant named ‘’Bollywood Bawarchi’’ was opened recently in Jammu and it is unique


Sunjwan Morh in Jammu and Kashmir has been in the limelight recently. Reason was in this place a multi cuisine restaurant was started and it attracted the attention of many. It must be noted that this restaurant was inaugurated by Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh and his wife Mamta Singh and it is superb.

The greatness of this unique restaurant is this restaurant is based on the themes of the Bollywood actors and films and the deputy CM expressed his delight about this restaurant. Businessman Jaskaran Singh Madaan was responsible for launching this innovative multi cuisine restaurant now in Jammu and deputy CM wished him great success for his new restaurant.

It is superb to note that this Jaskaran Singh spoke about the uniqueness of this multi cuisine restaurant at the meeting and said that his restaurant would offer number of tasty dishes that would give new experience for the people there. It is important that new dishes such as Dum Biryani and Nasheela Chicken would be prepared in the restaurant along with other dishes so that people could come and have their taste buds satisfied greatly.

One superb piece of information is the interiors of this restaurant would be different from other restaurants as film theatre like ambience would be present with a box office counter and the walls of the interiors would have pictures of famous Bollywood celebrities etc. It is now said that the lounge and Karoke present in this restaurant would make eating a never before experience. Awesome isn’t it!!

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