Wow!! Lord Jagannath Temple in Uttar Pradesh can now predict the monsoons

Wow!! Lord Jagannath Temple in Uttar Pradesh can now predict the monsoons

News that Lord Jagannath temple located in Bhitargaon Behata in Uttar Pradesh can predict the monsoon season has been the subject of discussion by many. It is now said that the water droplets that gets accumulated on the ceiling of this temple can predict whether the monsoons will be good or bad. Remarkable isn’t it!!

This 100 year old temple popularly called as ‘’Rain temple’’ is high in peoples heart and it is said that the small droplets present indicates lesser monsoons or drought while bigger droplets indicate heavier monsoons. Inspite of scientists and other research teams visiting this temple to know about the secret it is still not clear how this happens.

KP.Shukla, head priest of this Jagannath temple was in awe regarding the design of the temple. He said he had not seen such designs in any temple in the state. The interesting part of this is this priest compared the design with the stupas built in many parts of India during King Ashoka’s time.

One superb piece of information is every July many devotees come and pull the chariot of this god and pray. Many farmers who depend on agriculture for their source of income would show great interests in knowing about the nature of monsoons.

These farmers would come to see the water droplets accumulated in the middle stones of the ceiling. Village head Anju Singh spoke highly about the god and the temple and said the fortunes of the farmers changed after they prayed Lord Jagannath in the temple. Great news!!

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