Wow!! The world’s smallest transistor made using new material TMD is out now and is sensational


Many new discoveries create huge noises and get spoken by many all over the world. On such discovery made by two men is creating great noise and has caught the attention of many now.

1931 year founded Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory is popular research centre in USA and lead research person Ali Javey along with a graduate student Sujay Desai from this renowned laboratory have made the smallest transistor ever in the world and they are spoken highly. It is important to note that silicon which is the material used in making transistors is not used by these two persons and they have made their prototype device using transitional metal dichalcogenides or TMDs and they are sensational.

It is now confirmed that molybdenum disulphide was used for their channel material plus gate was made using single walled carbon nanotube. As per Moon Kim who is a professor at the renowned University of Texas at Dallas, USA silicon based transistors have some limitations in their size.

He also expressed his thoughts regarding the benefits of the new material that could go beyond scaling limit of silicon based transistors and is simply superb. Moon Kim also explained how when current flows in transistor electron streams pass through channel. It must be noted that the gate present in the transistor controls the electrons flow. Moon Kim also spoke about how today’s transistors have gate length bigger than 10nm.

He further shared on the problems while designing smaller transistors where reducing current leakage is very important. Kim further spoke about how the small transistor made using new material could consume less power when compare to silicon based transistors. Superb!!

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