Wow!! This 16 year old Mumbai based Jayant Parab is a dexter who has now constructed a computer from scrap


This is incredible!! Some people come out with some amazing products made by themselves and gets the attention of many all over. A 16 year old boy Jayant Parab is one such who has become cynosure of many eyes by building a computer from scrap items and he is sensational. This real life Dexter has now made computer by means of screen present in operation theatres and the body is made out of acrylic.

His talent was visible even when he was very young when he used to go with his dad who is scrap dealer. This Jayant Parab would collect items as he thought that those items would be very useful in his house. It is amazing that this Parab when at class five repaired a laptop by using scrap items he collected and made many heads turn with his superb skills. It is now said that this repairing the laptop was responsible for his great interests in computers now.

Jayant Parab has got superb clear mind and is on the mission to make computers that are cost efficient. It is important to note that in the city of Mumbai 9400 tonnes of e-waste is produced per year and 3000 tonnes gets processed. According to this boy computers made out of those scrap could be purchased by poor families who could not buy a brand new computer that cost very high. Superb Jayant Parab!!

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