Wow!! This Shri Ram School in Moulsari in Gurgaon has tied with 25 restaurants to give fresh food to the kids living in the streets


Moulsari in Gurgaon in the state of Haryana is hogging the limelight these days because of the presence of Shri Ram School in the locality. It is now brought out that this school has tied with as many as 25 restaurants for the sake of providing fresh foods for the children’s living in the streets and is really touching.

It must be noted that famous restaurants that are roped are McDonalds, Innerchef, Subway etc and Shri Ram School in association with these well known restaurants would be making many street kids happy soon with their fabulous work of providing fresh food. This ‘’Feed On’’ initiative by class eleven students of this school has caught the attention of others now and is spoken highly.

It is superb to note that the Earth Saviours Foundation on the Gawal Pahari road in Gurgaon, Haryana was started by these students to provide shelter for the homeless peoples. What initially started as 30 peoples grew to staggering 3056 peoples and these peoples were provided foods. The amazing piece of information is the at present there are 40 volunteers and 10 to 15 volunteers are located in many cities like Pune, Chennai, Bangalore etc doing great service.

Owner of the famous Khyen Chyen restaurant Mr Nasir Andrabi spoke in happiness regarding this ‘’Feed On’’ initiative that would help many street kids get fresh foods. He felt happy that he would be contributing his part in that. The latest news is more people from India are needed to provide their service to the children in supplying foods and school students wants this initiative to become a movement. Superb!!

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