Wow!! This transgender couple has surprised many and made history with their first child and they are simply superb

Pic: Facebook

This is really sensational news that has turned many heads. South America is now in the limelight for the reason that here a transgender man has given birth to a baby after conceiving with his wife who is also a transgender.

By this feat the couple became first ever in the history and they have caught many by surprise all over. The couple Fernando Machado and Diane Rodriguez are in the limelight now and it must be noted that Fernando was assigned female at birth and Diane was assigned male at birth. Now the couple together have been responsible for newborn.

It is interesting to note that the couple now wants many more kids. Fernando Machado expressed happiness over the birth of newborn child and said they are same like any other family around. Ms Diane Rodriguez was so happy and she expressed her delight and said she did not expect that she would have a baby as she was a transsexual.

It is important to note that the couple did not undergo full gender reassignment this had made them to conceive naturally. It is amazing to note that the couple live together as man and woman. Mr Machado shared his thoughts and said process to get to this level was tedious and complex. Great couples!!

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