Wow!! World’s first 3D printed motorcycle from Airbus is stunning

Wow!! World’s first 3D printed motorcycle from Airbus is stunning

Recent news that AP Works of the famous Airbus had created 3D printed motorcycle has been the subject of discussion all over. This motorcycle named ‘’Light Rider’’ is made by utilizing the 3D printed technology is highly spoken now. It must be noted that this motorcycle is made out of special material called Scalmalloy and weighs just 35kilos. It is said that this 3D printed motorcycle can reach top speeds of 80kmph.

This is said to be the first bike in the world made using 3D printing technology and the cost of this amazing bike is USD 56,100 or 37.77 lakh.

It is known that this Scalmalloy has got properties such as strength, ductility and good corrosion resistant power etc and these properties have been used to create the 3D printed motorcycle now.

It must be noted that this Scalmalloy is a custom aluminium alloy powder whose strength is equal to that of titanium. The larger structures built by this AP Works by combining many thin layers of material together is famous and now this 3D printed technology motorcycle is created using same properties. The visual design combined with clean appearance makes this motorcycle amazing and with battery in the middle giving low centre of gravity the spoked tyres add further beauty. The good news is it is now possible to travel 60 kms before charging the battery again.Just by depositing USD 2200 we can own this super bike now. Superb!!

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