Yamato Tanooka: Japanese Boy missing after parents left him in forest to punish him

Yamato Tanooka Japanese Boy missing after parents left him in forest to punish him
Pic: shutterstock.com, Representational Picture

Sometime parents become so unreasonable that punishing kids and teaching them a lesson become so terrible. In a shocking incident in Japan, a kid named Yamato Tanooka has gone missing in mountain woods of Japan’s main northern island of Hokkaido which is full of wild animals especially the bears. He was left in the forest as his parents wanted him to punish.

Japanese Police is searching almost every part of the forest but so far they are not able to trace the missing boy Yamato Tanooka. He was left in the forest as he was throwing stones on people and parked vehicles when Yamato was with his father, mother and sister in a park.

Sniffer dogs and horses are being used with hundreds of policemen but there’s no success yet. Police is using helicopter also for the search operation.

Yamato’s father is feeling sorry for his mistake and has full regret of doing it. He is praying for return of his kid.

We wish that Yamato Tanooka will be traced soon and he will be all right. We request parents not to punish their kids. Instead talk to them and guide them.

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