Yamini Dhote helps shoppers to get discounts, coupons and cash back on online purchases

Yamini Dhote helps shoppers to get discounts, coupons and cash back on online purchases

There is no one in the world who does not like discounts. Nowadays, everyone is crazy about online shopping and also looking for discounts and offers. During such an experience, when Yamini Dhote was searching net to get a good deal on furniture, it made her think about her first venture in 2011 called DiscountBox.in.

DiscountBox.in provides discounts and coupons; but when Yamini wanted to go beyond that to provide cash back as well, Cashable was born. Yamini Dhote and Amol Ghormade are co-founders of DiscountBox.in and also Cashable. Cashable provides a huge saving opportunity for online shoppers. The product was launched in November 2014. Just in a months’ time, the co-founders partnered with 500+ top ecommerce companies including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. Also, she is trying to expand her network to support the rest of the eCommerce companies.

Yamini Dhote is a young entrepreneur. From her learning experience, she says few tips to the enthusiastic youth who are trying to do something new.

First and foremost, she says it is never too late to start-up. Then, execution is key, think ahead, fail early, correct wrongs and move ahead as quickly as possible

In her journey, Yamini has learnt a lot from her failures. She said with the launch of DiscountBox.in, they had thought technology was the most important thing for any tech business and did not focus much on marketing and other aspects. But, after entering into the field, they found marketing is as important as technology. Picking out the right channel for promotions is also important. As well as, a perfect team is very important for a successful enterprise. If right balance of product, promotion and team is established, the new entrepreneurs have more chances of being successful, she concludes.

Technology is changing very fast; India is shifting rapidly from eCommerce to mCommerce. mCommerce is online shopping via mobile. 20 per cent of online shopping is done via mobile and it is growing rapidly. Yamini plans to launch a cashable mobile app so that shoppers can shop from their mobiles and save too.

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