Yasir Jan- The Unique bowler of Pakistan

Pic: espncricinfo.com

Throughout the cricket history of Pakistan, an era of fast bowlers has been in continuation and this time, in a talent hunt conducted by the Pakistan Super League team Lahore Qalandars have found a new player-Yasir Jan. This 21 year old player is somewhat unique as he can bowl very well with his both arms and can also generate serious pace with both hands.

Former Pakistan fast bowler, Aaqib Javed who is now Qalandars’ head of cricket operations, said that Yasir can clock “around 145kmph with his right arm and not less than 135kmph with his left arm” and Qalandars have signed up Yasir on a 10-year developmental contract.

Cricket had been a “part-time passion” for Yasir who belong to Charsadda. Yasir had been working at a family’s vegetable shop along his brothers and then he decided to took up his passion by taking a break from his work and he attended a talent hunt in Rawalpindi. The event has journeyed throughout Punjab, starting in Bahawalpur and ending in Lahore and it took 22 days to cover all the major cities and didn’t take long to catch Aaqib’s eye.

Aaqib introduced Yasir in the Lahore Press Club and over a Press Conference said that, “He was bowling with his right arm, but then he came to me and told me, ‘I can bowl with left arm too,’ which caught my attention.”

It was a total surprise for Aaqib as he had never saw anyone bowling with both hands and maintaining the same pace and when he saw him bowling spin with both hands, he was completely mesmerized.

According to Aaqib, this isn’t the first time he has discovered a talent like this. Earlier in 2008, he discovered Mohammed Irfan, the 7’1″ left-arm quick who was working at a plastic pipe factory at the time and caught Aaqib’s attention while playing club cricket in the town of Gaggu Mandi in eastern Pakistan and two years later, Irfan made his debut for Pakistan.

Yasir is a bigger talent than Mohammed Irfan as “Fast bowling is almost unnatural because you roll your arms and produce speed with an extreme level of muscle coordination,” Aaqib said.

Aaqib further said that “We just wanted to encourage this talent and develop him, and get him ready for top-level cricket. I hope he works hard and keeps his focus, and we will be able to give a future star to Pakistan in coming years.”

Before signing his contract, Yasir said that, “It’s a great moment for me that I got such a platform.”

Yasir is confident about his future and is happy to found a platform. Though he hasn’t played any competitive cricket so far but he hopes to give his best.

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