Year-End Meme – ‘How Should A Dog Wear Pants’

Year-End Meme - How Should A Dog Wear Pants

It’s amazing how things on the internet can viral on social media, in a matter of seconds. It’s year-end and the net-addicts obviously want to do something out-of-the-box and get people talking about their post, rather than pay attention to their New Years’ resolutions.

So, an unassuming lad in Belgium crafted a rather oddly interesting diagram and posted it online, and guess what, it just went viral.

The diagram captioned as ‘’How Should A Dog Wear Pants’ is basically meme showing a dog wearing pants in two ways. While the first way of dog wearing pants is obvious – covering its two back-legs and the back-portion of the body – whereas the second way appears as though a dog-shaped iceberg above and under water.

Now you might wonder what the purpose of this meme is. Well, it’s basically very smart and hard-hitting in its own way. Towards the latter-half of 2015, there were increasing debates about intolerance towards almost everything, even dress-codes (hint, hint!)

The ‘How Should A Dog Wear Pants’ meme is basically symbolic of that.

The guy sitting in Belgium, who kicked up this storm online, did not expect his casually-drawn image to become the latest talking-point on social media. The guy is 19 and calls himself “Norbert K.”

Talking about how the idea of drawing the latter-half of the diagram he says he “he “saw a dog wearing pants as it’s shown in the second drawing” and reckoned that there could be another way of ‘dressing up’ a dog in pants.

“I made [the drawing] for this page so people can give their opinion,” he elucidated, “I really didn’t expect it to become viral.”

As soon as his post went live on Facebook, the image hopped through Twitter, and then on Reddit. All this happened in a matter of few hours!

Who was complaining the world isn’t fast enough?

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