You can only burn my body, not my confidence – Acid Attack Survivors

Acid Attack

Source: Facebook Page of Brar Singh Manpreet

मात्र शरीर जला सकते हो तुम
हिम्मत जला के दिखा तो मानूँ

You can only burn my body, not my confidence

n 2006, it was reported that Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli, became an acid attack victim, not clear about the attacker but it seems that it was a case of unrequited love. Though now years later Rangoli shares her experience that the: “Emotional recovery was a greater challenge than the physical one”.

A quote taken from Naomi Omi interview with as she recalls her trauma: “Then I felt a splash on my face. It burned and I screamed out. I started running and screaming, holding my face, all the way home. I didn’t look back”.


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