You will cry after watching this ‘Pass Pass – Happy New Year’ ad video

You will cry after watching this 'Pass Pass - Happy New Year' ad video

Believe it or not, families are changing and becoming more caring over the period of time. People used to have fight when they were living in joint families. Now it’s time of small, nuclear families. People are shifting here and there (one city to another) because of their jobs. Families are shrinking.

In this kind of digital age where people are more connected and busy interacting digitally, old age people are feeling little disassociated and rejected. They are not finding their place in these modern families.

This thought will be gone when you will watch this beautiful Pass Pass – Happy New Year ad video. Story is like this:

  • Grand children say goodbye to their grand parents and leave for new year party celebrations.
  • Son and daughter in law also leaves the house as they too had to go to celebrate new year.

Now it’s the turn of old couple. They can’t go anywhere. Grandfather is little upset and unhappy but trying to be happy to see his kids happy. Grand Mother surprised the Grand Father with a beautiful rose. Still they are sad. Suddenly something happens which makes them happy and will make you cry. What was that? Watch yourself. Happiness guaranteed with lot of tears.


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