Young Son of a BSF Jawan Bids him Goodbye like a Braveheart

Young Son of a BSF Jawan Bids him Goodbye like a Braveheart

That people who work to protect our country from outside harm are special would be an understatement. Every other day there is unfortunate news about our country’s jawans losing their lives in a bid to save our country from extremist forces. Of course there is an expression of sadness and grief as reaction to such news, still, for us, it is just a piece of news and our lives go on.

But have you ever stopped and wondered what goes on in the minds and hearts of the loved ones of our country’s jawans? How do they react to the news of loss?

On Tuesday 10 BSF men lost their lives when the plane that they were travelling in crashed. The pilots on flight Bhagwati Prasad Bhatt and co-pilot Rajesh Shivrain let duty dictate their actions minutes before they died. The duo steered away the plane from crashing in a populated-area.

The families of the deceased pilots were in deep shock and grief, but the extent of their pain is hard to imagine just as the extent of their strength and courage. The son of one of the deceased BSF jawans came forward and said, “”I am proud of my dad, he sacrificed his life to save so many others.” The youngster must be lauded for his show of bravura at a moment such as this.

And this is not the first instance where the child of a BSF Jawan has paid such tribute.

In January this year, Col MN Rai’s 11-year-old daughter Alka stirred the nation when she vented out a war cry of the Gurkha Rifles at her father’s funeral. Her father Col MN Rai was commanding the Rashtriya Rifles in Kashmir and perished in a militant attack.

“My father was a brave father,” Alka told journalists later.

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