Ziona Chana- He has the largest family in the world and celebrated his 72nd birthday

Ziona Chana- He has the largest family in the world and celebrated his 72nd birthday
Pic: nelive.in

It is really shocking to come across a man with so many wives and kids. It is now certain that a person named Ziona Chana from Baktawang Tlagnuam village of Mizoram has married many times and has as many as amazing 38 wives and 89 children. Unbelievable isn’t it!!

It must be noted that this man celebrated his 72nd birthday with all his wives and kids and he was the centre of attraction there. It is interesting to note that Chana Sect a religious community was responsible for dances, parade. They were singing of Hymns that were composed by Ziona Chana himself.

Totally the whole place was filled with joy and happiness. Lastly there was a community feast by over 2100 strong sect. The interesting piece of information about this Ziona Chana is he got married at the young age of just 15 and that was way back in the year 1959.

It is shocking to know that he lastly marred a girl when he was sixty years of age and that was in the year 2004. This man is the leader of ‘’Chana’s sect’’ and has 38 wives totally and 89 kids. His family members of total strength 162 live together in a four storied house ‘’Chhuan Thar Run’’.

It is now said that the village where this Ziona Chan and his family persons are staying has become major tourist place in Mizoram. Awesome!!

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