Zoya by Tata- A wonderfully crafted advertisement, just like its jewellery!

Zoya by Tata- A wonderfully crafted advertisement, just like its jewellery!

This attractive Television Commercial has class stamped all over it as Tata presents Zoya, which is a chain of luxury boutiques. It is an exclusive jewellery store with brilliantly crafted designs of diamond, gold and precious stones.

In its latest Greece collection, Zoya tells us the legend of Arachne, a highly skilful weaver from ancient Greece became the target of Athena, the Goddess of Crafts due to her gifted skills. In a competition between man and God where whoever lost would be unable to weave ever again, Arachne lost to Athena. Arachne could weave only if Athena turned her into a spider, which the master weaver agreed to, so attached was she to her art.

The deep and legendary voice of Kabir Bedi is perfectly suited to narrate this forgotten legend and creates interesting background for such a masterfully crafted product. The jewellery is displayed in a seamless way and we are mesmerized by its simplicity and beauty.

Tata truly lives up to its name that signifies elegance and beauty and every woman who watches this sophisticated advertisement is bound to head for the nearest Zoya boutique to see it for herself.

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