18 Years girl student of Malappuram found dead at home

The girl student of Malappuram of Kerala who was 18 years old committed suicide at her home when her mother was out for some work. She lived in the Thenhippalam area of the district. When her mother returned from work, she found her dead. She was assaulted by 8 men between 2017 & 2020. She was assaulted when she was a minor (15 years old). 

When her mother returned, she knocked on the door but got no reply after which she called her but again no reply was there. Then, she tried to peep in thus finding her daughter to be unconscious. She then immediately took her to the hospital, but she was dead.

Her mother alleged police saying that they were forcing them to change the statement made by them. Case of unnatural death has been filed by the police of that area. Accused includes the deceased girl’s close relatives according to one report. 

The girl student of Malappuram of Kerala lived along with her brother & mother. 

5 POCSO cases were registered in March 2021 in Feroke police station. Also, 1 case was registered in Kondotty police station regarding this sexual assault. The girl was counseled by Childline Kozhikode which led to the revealation of the assault. 7 of the 8 culprits have already been arrested according to the police of Feroke. At past Child Welfare Committee counseled the girl 3 times. Despite of being arrested, the culprits were able to get bail as they were influential & powerful.

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