International Translation Day : History, Theme, Significance

Every year on September 30, people all over the world celebrate International Translation Day to increase awareness of linguists and languages. Languages are crucial to the advancement of society. The objective of International Translation Day 2022 is to honour the contributions of linguists.

According to the UN, “International Translation Day is intended as a chance to honor the work of language professionals, which plays a crucial role in bringing nations together, facilitating dialogue, understanding, and cooperation, contributing to the development and strengthening of world peace and security.”

History of International Translation Day 

Do you know about the advent of International Translation Day on the calendar of global events? The International Federation of Translators founded it (FIT). This day is commemorated yearly to honour the efforts of translators and interpreters. Who help to reduce language barriers and make the globe a little smaller. All across the world, activities, conferences, and symposiums are held to commemorate this day.

The feast of St. Jerome, the Bible translator and patron saint of translators, is observe on September 30 according to the UN. According to the United Nations. St. Jerome was a priest from north-eastern Italy who is best known for his work translating. The majority of the Bible from the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament into Latin.

 International Translation Day

 He also adapted portions of the Greek language from the Hebrew Gospel. St. spoke an Illyrian dialect because he was of Illyrian descent. He was fluent in Greek and Hebrew. Which he had mastered via his studies and travels, and had studied Latin in school. The UN reported that Jerome perished on September 30, 420, close to Bethlehem.

The General Assembly established September 30 as International Translation Day on May 24, 2017. And a resolution on the function of linguists in bridging cultures and promoting peace, understanding, and development was also adopt.

Significance of International Translation Day

The purpose of International Translation Day in 2022 is to raise awareness of languages while promoting and celebrating the translation industry.

International Translation Day, according to the United Nations, is an “opportunity to pay tribute to the work of language professionals,” which is crucial in “bringing nations together, facilitating dialogue, understanding and cooperation, contributing to the development and strengthening world peace and security,” the organization says. Since 2005, it has extended an invitation to all of its staff, accredited permanent mission personnel, and students from affiliated universities to take part in the UN St. Jerome Translation Competition.

  • The need for translators became increasingly important as the world became more globally interconnected. Professional linguists assist in fostering constructive interpersonal and public discourse.
  • Translators aid in the translation of technical, scientific, and literary works from one language to another, advancing the goal of a better world. They aid in cultural understanding, which fosters respect for one another’s cultures.
  • They also aid in accurate terminology, translation, and interpretation, all of which are crucial for maintaining communication between various nations.
  • As the world becomes increasingly linked, the role of translators and other language experts will only become more crucial.

The theme of This year  

International Translation Day’s theme is “A World Without Barriers.” The annual poster competition honouring International Translation Day in 2022 has also b announced by the International Federation of Translators (FIT). According to FIT, the competition is open to any professional designer, whether related to a FIT member or not, who creates a poster to honour the crucial role of professional translators in advocating a world without barriers, helping to preserve culture, fostering international understanding, and fostering enduring peace.

The UN claims that International Translation Day is crucial for fostering international cooperation, advancing development, and enhancing global security. This day is a fantastic chance to highlight the crucial work that translators, interpreters, and other language service professionals do.

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