” Kya itne bure hain hum” says Engineers : After Matrimonial Ads 

The groom’s undated marriage advertisement expressly requests that software developers not inquire about their proposal. 

Numerous precise requirements can be found in matrimonial adverts. However, one particular “groom-wanted” advertisement that made it explicit “no for software engineers” has divided online users.

An undated newspaper ad describes a “24/155 fair MBA lovely girl from Rich Family Business Background” who is looking for a husband. The ad is described as “demanding” and “old-school.” The prospective groom must meet the following requirements: “IAS/IPS, a practicing physician, or an industrialist, from the same caste.” But not Software Engineer mention specially in the post.

The family does not want to consider proposals from software engineers despite having specific professional requirements and casteist allegations because the ad specifically states, “Software engineers politely do not call.”


Samir Arora, a businessman, tweeted a picture of the weird advertisement with the statement, “Future of IT does not appear so sound.”

Another individual claimed that bankers were not even taken into account in this marriage advertisement.

Some even sought answers by Software Engineers

“Sir, I’m feeling a little anxious after reading your tweet. My son studies computer science (AIML) at VIT Chennai. So what should he do in your opinion? If anyone else has suggestions, “a question was tweeted.

“These days, software engineers check anything online (including potential spouses). So the poster of this advertisement need not worry about them since they already do not read newspaper ads,” “Read one of the responses.

Software Engineer feel discrimination after seeing this post. Students are not eligible, and why people don’t want them to married?

So many Students tweet on this. They don’t want to search for brides online. One User retweeted that “Engineers don’t believe in the newspaper advertisement.”

This is the main discussion topic among everyone nowadays. Everyone is posting their views. You can also share your views about this. That post contains every job profile except software engineers.

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