No face mask, Covid-19 passes needed in England- New Rule by UK Government

It has been announced on Wednesday by the PM of UK, that the restrictions regarding Covid-19 will be lifted up which was imposed the previous month keeping in mind the surge of Omicron. According to the data, there is a peak in the number of infected cases.

From the upcoming Thursday, people will not be required to wear mask while going to nightclubs or while attending any large event. The guidelines regarding work from home were already lifted a long time back. 

Also, students of secondary schools will not need to wear face masks. Thus, lifting up all the restrictions regarding Covid-19 which were imposed earlier.

It was further said to the MPs by Boris Johnson that, “extraordinary booster campaign” will be thankful for this change, under fire regarding the scandal about one of his staff who was partying during the period of lockdown.

He also said that, more than 90% people who are 60 years of age or more are receiving 3rd dose of vaccination now and around 36 million people have received the boosters already. Also, there is a decline in positive cases from several weeks.

Further he said, that likely the Omicron wave has peaked up nationwide according to the scientists & of course the pandemic is yet not over.

Thus, Johnson said that, it is necessary to stay careful always.

Some speculation is there about the fact that restrictions regarding Covid-19 have been relaxed as a result of anger of Johnson regarding the case with his staff. However, the PM has another point of view.

He has responsibility regarding the Health Policy of the country and he reinstated December 2021’s curbs for preparing for expected tidal wave of Omicron infection.

He also rebuffed various scientists’ calls, who have requested even stricter laws for being safe.

The governments of Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland imposed even stricter curbs for large group of people present at sport events.

The daily cases of Covid-19 in Britain has passed 2 lakh in early January 2022.

A pressure was thus placed on National Health Service. Also, death toll has been increased reaching to about 1,53,000.

Live with Covid-19:

About 15 million boosters are administered after enacting of additional rules, as various studies indicate that less severe illness is found in patients infected by Omicron. Death rate & hospitalizations are also found to be low.

Infections have also been decreased in 2022 at a steady rate. 1 lakh  8 thousand new cases were reported on Wednesday.

Weekly cases are also down by 1/5th as the data from Office of National Statistics says.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid also said on Wednesday in a news conference at Downing Street that, though situations have improved but this is not the end. He also said new changes will be made by the government as a long-term plan to tackle Covid as we should try to learn to live with Covid as it might stay with us forever just like a seasonal flu, which needs people to stay cautious rather than legally self isolating themselves.

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