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Queen Elizabeth II’s final journey: From the Westminister Hall in London to Windsor Castle

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth is set to take place today, alongside processions in London and Windsor, with public viewing areas and big screens in both locations.

The State funeral for Queen Elizabeth will take place at Westminster Abbey on Monday at 10.44 a.m. The short trip will not be a part of the public procession and will take place from the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament).

The first line behind the gun carriage pushed by 142 Royal Navy sailors. Carrying the queen’s coffin from adjacent Westminster Hall. To the abbey is make for the elder son of the queen, King Charles. And his three younger siblings, Anne, Andrew, and Edward.

Queen final journey :

The closest family members of Queen Elizabeth is visibly upset as they follow her casket to Westminster Abbey on Monday for her funeral. In a carefully orchestrated procession that nevertheless revealed the intense emotions of the time.

Princes William and Harry, sons of Charles, and other senior members of the royal family followed after them, their somber expressions reflecting the gravity of the occasion.

Queen Elizabeth II

Crowds of mourners lined the streets of central London to watch a day of solemn ceremony. They cheered and applauded Charles and William as they rode together in a royal limousine to the hall.

But when the queen’s coffin started to emerge, being carried by pallbearers, everyone stopped talking. And the royals marched to the sound of bagpipes and a bell.

In ceremonial military garb, Charles, Anne, Edward, and William saluted as the coffin is remove from the gun carriage in front of the abbey.

Queen Elizabeth II: Queen of the United kingdom

Elizabeth II, the full name Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, reigned as Queen of the United Kingdom from 1952 to 2022. She was born on April 21, 1926, in London, England. And died on September 8, 2022, in Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

She married Philip, the duke of Edinburgh (1921–2021), a distant relative, in 1947. They had four children together, including Charles, who became the next monarch in 2022. When her father died in 1952, she ascended to the throne.

She favored simplicity in court life and showed a growing awareness of the monarchy’s contemporary function. She also showed a keen interest in governmental affairs. The highly publicized marital problems of two of the queen’s sons and the passing of Diana, Princess of Wales, caused the monarchy to have problems in the 1990s.

The “Platinum Jubilee” was a four-day national holiday. It held in June 2022 in honour of Elizabeth II’s 70 years as monarch. It featured the Trooping the Colour ceremony, a service of thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral, a pop music concert at Buckingham Palace, and a pageant that used street arts, theatre, music, a circus, carnival, and costumes to celebrate the queen’s reign.