Suicide attempt by Student: Lovely Professional University

The student had joined LPU two weeks ago after leaving NIT (Calicut) in Kerala, according to officials.

According to officials, the suicide note of a 21-year-old Keralan student who was discovered dead in his dorm room at Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Phagwara, Punjab, blamed a teacher from his former colleagues for the student’s decision to switch universities.

The situation at LPU, where students staged a significant protest on campus Tuesday afternoon as word of his passing spread, has been brought under control, according to Phagwara Superintendent of Police Mukhtiar Singh. Days before the LPU demonstration, there had been a protest at the exclusive Chandigarh University in Mohali over leaked videos.

According to officials, the student, who transferred from NIT (Calicut) to LPU two weeks ago, accused a professor there of “emotionally influencing” him into quitting the school in the note. “I deeply regret my choice; I am burdening everyone. According to the authorities, he wrote in the note, “I’m sorry, but this is it.

Suicide attempt by Student

Vice-President of LPU Aman Mittal stated, “The student took this extreme action because of the personal issues he faced in his previous institution at NIT Calicut (Kerala), where he studied for two years. The police are investigating the incident and from the suicide note obtained.”

ADGP (law and order)

Due to a lack of knowledge, there was miscommunication among the other students yesterday, which resulted in unrest on the university campus in the late afternoon. Students have been given a full explanation of the situation by the police and university administrators. The university is currently serene, and all students are taking exams and attending classes in peace, Mittal continued.

He added that the university offers a fully functional counselling centre where any student having a problem can discuss it rather than acting in a way that is hurtful to everyone.

The situation was brought to the attention of the Civil and Police Administration by LPU authorities on Tuesday night. According to the police. Officers from the Civil and Police Administration arrived at the scene and conducted a preliminary investigation.

Police in Phagwara, according to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Jaspreet Singh. Have found a suicide note that was purportedly written by the student. He continued, “We are looking into it further.

The varsity fraternity is “saddened by the regrettable situation,” LPU earlier stated in a statement. “The police’s preliminary investigation and the suicide note’s content indicate that the deceased had personal problems. The University is giving the authorities it’s full backing in their on going inquiry. The university extends its sympathies to the bereaved family and laments the passing of the student. According to a message on LPU’s official Twitter account.

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