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Tomato Flu: Check causes, Symptoms, and Treatment  

While India is reporting an increasing number of COVID-19 cases, a new influenza virus that particularly affects youngsters is gaining headlines. According to reports, more than 80 children under the age of five in Kerala have been found to have the mysterious ailment known as the tomato flu virus. Tamil Nadu and Coimbatore have upped their levels of surveillance on people entering the state in response to an increase in the number of cases reported in neighbouring states.

Tomato Flu Virus 

Children who have the flu frequently experience an untreatable or un diagnosable fever. There is currently no proof that Tomato Fever is brought on by a virus or is a side effect of either Dengue or Chikungunya fever. The symptoms of tomato fever in children include rashes, skin irritation, dehydration, and red blisters; these symptoms are most likely how the nicknames “tomato flu” and “tomato fever” came to be.

Disease Tomato Flu
Caused ByChikungunya Mosquito
Affect toUnder 5 year kids
SymptomsHigh fever, Severe Joint pain etc
Affected States Kerala

Symptoms of Tomato Flu Virus 

When a child has tomato disease, they will develop tomato-sized rashes on their tongue, skin irritation, and dehydration. During the inspection, it was noted that worms were also present in the boils of several individuals. [Cases] The red rashes and blisters that persons with tomato fever develop all over their bodies give the viral illness its name.

Tomato Flu Virus

Despite being highly contagious, the illness does not pose a serious threat to the patient’s life. Even though the exact cause of the illness is still unknown, it is now thought that it is a rare type of viral infection. Researchers have determined that a virus is the primary cause of fever. They are still unsure of the precise viral family to which the aforementioned virus belongs. 

Medical authorities advise maintaining good cleanliness at all times around young children because children under the age of five are believe to be more susceptible to the illness.

Tomato Flu Causes

An article published in the Lancet claims that a virus causes tomato flu. Some medical experts, however, hold the belief that the tomato flu is not a virus-based illness but rather a result of chikungunya or dengue fever in young people.

The blisters, which may be slightly uncomfortable, might develop into something resembling a tomato-sized blister and can develop anywhere on the body. The name of the illness is inspire by these blisters.

Treatment of Tomato Flu 

Before embarking on any trip to a poor country, you should schedule a visit with a doctor. The doctor will then be able to administer any required immunizations and offer any necessary pre-travel medical advice. Additionally, if you experience any of the prior symptoms, see a doctor as soon as you can after returning home. If at all feasible, consult a doctor who specializes in either international medicine or infectious diseases. Medical professionals might gain something from hearing about your journey.

Precautions for Tomato Flu 
  • Any sign of fever in a child should elicit quick medical attention even if the illness is not dangerous and can be managed. Even if the infection is not harmful and can be cured, this is still true.
  • Any time a child exhibits any of the aforementioned signs or symptoms, their parents must immediately seek medical attention.
  • Children who have been exposed to the virus should keep themselves hydrated by consuming a lot of hot water.
  • It is critical not to scrape the blisters and rashes.
  • uphold an environment that is clean and supportive of health.
  • Take a hot shower or a bath that has been heated.
  • It is recommended to avoid approaching the sick person.
  • You should tell the child to get lots of rest so the condition won’t affect their health.

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